Draft Board 2020

June 19st (third Friday in June)

6:00pm start (arrive early) 146 Montrose ave Buffalo NY 14214

RoundGoatsIncubusGamblersUtter DomRemove KCrushersDDREndzoneCellmatesTBDCos ProsGoodfellasBohemiansHorsemen
1C.E Helaire EO26 RBT. Tagovailoa OE26 QBJ. Burrow EO26 QBJ.K Dobbins EO26 RBJ. Taylor EO26 RBD. Swift EO26 RBC. Lamb EO26 WRJ. Herbert EO26 QB J. Jeudy EO26 WRC. Akers EO26 RB C. Kmet EO26 TEJ. Jefferson EO26 WRH. Ruggs EO26 WRB. Aiyuk EO26 WR
2T. Higgins EO26 WR A. Gibson EO26 RB K. Vaughn EO26 RB A.J. Dillon EO26 RBZ. Moss EO26 RBM. Pitman EO26 WRJ. Reagor EO26 WRC. Claypool EO26 WRB. Hopkins EO26 TED. Mimms EO26 WRD. Duvernay EO26 WRA. Trautman EO26 TEJ. Love EO26 QBD. Evans EO26 RB
3D. Asiasi EO26 TE L. Shenault EO26 WR K.J. Hamler EO26 WR J. Hurts EO26 QBL. Bowden EO26 RBT. Higbee EO22 TEA. Lazard EO26 WRB. Edwards EO26 WRQ. Watkins EO26 WR A. McFarland EO26 RBK. Harmon EO25 WRJ. Kelly EO26 RBV. Jefferson EO26 WRT. Johnson EO26 WR
4J. Eason EO26 QB A. Okwuegbunam EO26 TE B. Perriman EO26 WR B. Scott EO25 RBD. Keene EO26 TEMiami Def. EO26G. Bernard EO26 RBD. Dallas EO26 RBE. Benjamin EO26 RBQ. Cephus EO26 WRL. Perine EO26 RBG. Davis EO26 WRT. Moss EO26 TEI. Hodgins EO26 WR
5S. Simms EO26 WRD. Patmon EO26 WR Y. Koo EO26 KJ. Reynolds EO23 WRA. G. Golden EO26 WRCinn. OL EO25J. Deguara EO26 TEC. Parkinson EO26 TEH. Bryant EO26 TEB. Jarwin EO24 TET. Taylor EO25 QBM. Warren EO26 RBJ. Robinson EO26 RBA. MacGinnis EO26 K
6D. Byrd EO26 WR J. Fromm EO26 QB C. Johnson EO26 WRW. Grier EO25 QBM. Callaway EO26 WRJ. Hightower EO26 WRR. Rohrwasser EO26 KM. Perry EO26 RBK.J. Hill EO26 WRD. P. Jones EO26 WRFFK. Warring EO25 TEFFJ. Leake EO26 RB
7R. Calais EO26 RB FFR. Anderson EO26 RB FFFFFFJ. Meyers EO25 WRJ. Reed EO26 RBJ. Jennings EO26 WRM. Boone EO26 RBFFC. Latimer EO25 WRFFC. McGlaughlin EO26 K
Draft Review DDR
This is Mark, co-owner of DDR. I am a Sagittarius, I like to take long walks on the beach, and the 3rd Friday of June is usually one of the busiest days of the year for me. For the review I will list my favorite picks in each round (can't believe this guy fell this far) and the worst picks (when I heard Bill Smith yelling 'are you kidding me').
Round 1 - This one is a little tough since the QB's pushed the WR's and RB's down a little bit. Best pick - #5 J Taylor - Indy. I thought he would go #2 to Incubus, but instead he falls to 5 allowing Ryan to add him to the roster along with M.Mack. He was probably our pick until we traded up for CEH. Honorable Mention to Akers at 10 and Jefferson at 12. Worst pick - C Cmet - Chi. Maybe Cohen was distracted trying to draft and work at the same time, but the pick was a bit of a reach in my mind. The Bears have a ton of TE's on the roster and their QB's are average.
Round 2 - Best pick was #21 J Reagor - Phi. Was amazed he fell this far since he was WR3 on my list, total steal here from Utter. Honorable Mention to Mims at pick 24. Worst pick was #23 B Hopkins - LAR. I still don't know what position this guy plays and I believe Bill fell off his chair when this pick was made. Better TE's were available like Trautman who went 3 picks later to the Fellas.
Round 3 - Best pick was #30 L Shenault - Jax. This one was also a bit difficult because a bunch of WRs and TE Higbee fell to this round, but I will go with the guy who was in some mocks projected to go 1st Round, was also #17 on my list and I thought would go early to mid 2nd Round. Worst pick was K. Watkins - Philly. I am thinking his name was written incorrectly here, but my list had him going in the 5th or 6th round.
Rounds 4 through 7 - Some picks I liked were E Benjamin - AZ (4th), maybe K Drake signs elsewhere next year? Gandy-Golden - Wash (5th), we discussed him in the late 3rd round. J Meyers - NE (7th). The NE WR corp is old and someone will have to catch the ball this season. Worst pick - There are no bad picks in these rounds cause its a crap shoot at this point......Nice work on the draft and thanks again to Romey for running the league another season.

Draft Review Beckage



DDR:  Grade B+.  Excellent trade in moving up to #1 to secure the RB you wanted.  Jefferson and Perriman were good picks.  Downgraded as I feel you should have traded Ertz for #6 as your team needs an influx of young talent.


Incubus:  Grade B.  Tua isn’t a bad pick, I actually applaud you for doing it as in the long-run it should work out. Taylor might have been the better pick for the next 2 years.  Gibson and Shenault are interesting picks.


Goats:  Grade A.  You had a strategy and you stuck with it. Burrow/Higgins could be the next great combo, Vaughn in Tampa will be given an opportunity.  I like Hamler too, rest will be fodder.


Bohemians:  Grade A-.  He got 6 keepers – Dobbins, Dillon, Pittman, Higby to go with Miami Def and Cincy OL which may be good plays in 2021 and beyond.  Weak at WR though.


Remove K:  Grade A-.  Good trade for 2020 with Brady/Gronk. Love JT, Lamb and Moss, got Love late which many will regret later but please explain why you traded 3 picks for Allen Robinson????  Did you have a minor stroke?


Co’s Pro’s:  Grade B-.  Converted Cook for #6 which was a great move. Did not address his QB depth (Hurtz and Grier do not count), Swift has talent but Detroit struggles with utilizing RBs.  Kmet was a reach at 11, but was a need. 


EndZone Animals:  Grade C.  QB was not a pressing need and Herbert is 50/50 at best of being good.  Ruggs is a one trick Pony and reminds me of Ross from Cincy.  Good picks with Claypool and Edwards.


Cellmates:  Grade B-.  Jeudy was a solid pick, after that I think Romey spends too much time in the mancave over-analyzing players.


TBD:  Grade A.  No brainer to take Akers, great value in Mimms (can pair with Darnold) and Cephus.  Justin will be a contender provided his QB play is at least average.


Goodfellas:  Grade B.  Upgraded this grade due to Joe being the only one present to get Teams video to work.  Jefferson I think will be really good, the rest of your picks are blah!


Horsemen:  Grade C. I will trade picks every year to win championships!  Debated on several WRs, Moss and Love for this pick.  Here’s hoping to Shanahan working his magic with Aijuk.


Utter Dominance:  Grade A+.  Godwin is a top 10 WR and you hood-winked Ryan for Allen Robinson as you got three likely keepers.  Reagor was a steal.


Crushers:  Grade C-. He got a productive 33 year TE for the #6 pick, so yeah to 2020, but boo beyond that. He has Bill's picks rounds 2-7 next year, so that helps.

Gamblers:  Grade F.  No starters will come from this draft.  Keep your 2021 picks! 





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