Draft Board 2021

June 18th (third Friday in June)

6:00pm start

RoundBohemiansEndzone AnimalsUtter DomDDRGoodfellasIncubusCo's ProsGamblersTBDRemove KGoatsCellmatesCrushersHorsemen
1T. Lawrence QB EO27K. Pitts TE EO27Naj. Harris RB EO27J. Chase WR EO27T. Etienne RB EO27Z. Wilson QB EO27J. Williams RB EO27 T. Sermon RB EO27J. Fields QB EO27T. Lance QB EO27J. Waddle WR EO27D. Smith WR EO27M. Carter RB EO27R. Bateman WR EO27
2A. Rodgers WR EO27M. Jones QB EO27T. Marshall WR EO27E. Moore WR EO27K. Toney WR EO27P. Freiemuth TE EO27B. Jordan TE EO27A. St. Brown WR EO27J. Palmer WR EO27Philly OL EO 23R. Moore WR EO27K. Gainwell RB EO27R. Gage WR EO26R. Stevenson RB EO27
3J. Hawkins RB EO27C. Hubbard RB EO27D. Brown WR EO27N. Collins WR EO27D. Eskridge WR EO27T. Atwell WR EO27P. Williams RB EO27J. Harris TE EO27K. Boorne WR EO25N. Gray TE EO27K. Mond QB EO27K. Nwangwu RB EO27E. Mitchell RB EO27B. Jarwin TE EO 24
4K. Trask QB EO27H. Long TE EO27D. Mills QB EO27L. Roundtree RB EO27D. Arnold TE EO 27A. Schwartz WR EO27J. Imatorbhebhe WR EO27S. Smith WR EO27C. Evan RB EO27S. Surratt WR EO27T. Tremble TEEO27T. Heinicke QB EO27J. Jefferson RB EO 27M. Gay K EO25
5K. Wallace WR EO27J. Patterson RB EO27Jax OL EO23T. Taylor QB EO25D. Robinson WR EO22I. Book QB EO27T. Williams WR EO22T. McCann K EO27K. Herbert RB EO27B. Pringle WR EO25D. Fitzpatrick WR EO27Q. Ollison RB EO27M. Boone RB EO27D. Williams RB EO25
6R. Boyd RB EO27A. Williams RB EO27T. McKitty TE EO27Dam. Williams Chi RB EO23J. Hill RB EO25J. Bates TE EO27M. Mariota EB EO27M. Rudolph QB EO24G.Doakes RBT. Tebow TE EO27A. Jeffrey WR EO27 K. Hill RB EO27M. Trubisky QB EO23B. Allen QB EO27
7C. Kenum QB EO22J. Wolford QB EO27 S. Williams WR EO27N. Folk K EO25J. Newman QB EO27J. Darden WR EO27Jets D EO23T, Johnson RB EO25C. Powell WR EO27D. Felton RB EO27J. Doyle TE EO22S. Elhinger QB EO27AJ McCarron QB EO27S. Perine RB EO27


Horsemen Den


Draft Grades


      Grade B:  Lawrence was a no-brainer. Wasnít a big fan of trading down although AJ Brown has good upside. Sermon was a reach at 8 while Bateman is a good WR but in an offense that throws 20 times per game with 10 of those to TEs!

EndZone Animals

      Grade C:  Betting #2 on the election was simply a bad move.  Trading Dak was smart. I think Williams will be good in Denver. Like the Hubbard pick also.

Utter Dominance

      Grade A-:  Roberts did well as Harris, Marshall, Jordan, Brown, Mills and Jax Ol will all likely start for him this year, heck maybe each week.


      Grade B+:  Chase might be the best player in this draft. I like Moore a lot too.  All Houston players are downgraded, but understand the picks.


      Grade D:  First, Joe doesnít show as JoAnn Fabrics had a sale goingÖ.Not taking a QB at 5 will haunt this team.  Etienne should be solid and Eskridge will be too in 2 years if you donít cut him.


      Grade B-:  Just not a fan of QB Wilson but it seems like you to have middle of the pack QBs in Tua and he.  Freiremuth is a good player but you didnít need TE, should have went WR.

Coís Proís

      Grade A:  Dak for #7 was a great move as he needed to close the QB scoring gap in the division.  Mond was a solid pick, rest are likely cuts barring injury.


      Grade A:  Pulled out the big hairy stones and moved up for what he hopes is a Top 3 TE that in Romey scoring pulls in 40 points/week!  Solid picks in Bourne and Rudolph.  Jim also wins for taking a grand total of 14 seconds to make all of his picks. 


      Grade B-:  Love having a Bears QB in our division! Palmer and Philly OL are solid picks, rest are cuts.

Remove K

      Grade C:  Not sure what the debate was in taking Lance Ė name a QB Shanahan hasnít made look good????  Rest of picks are coin tosses, music selection was a surprise.


      Grade C+:  Waddle is a good pick as is Tremble, rest are cuts.


      Grade B:  Simply not a fan of D Smith or any Philly WR.  Mac Jones and Gainwell are good picks.   Meatloaf was much better than I expected.


      Grade A:  Heck, generous Lou gave me a beer which I appreciated, plus 1 of 3 non-smokers present.  Lots of picks, like Carter, Rodgers, Trask and Mitchell.


      Grade A:  Flipped the 14th pick for Joe Mixon who when healthy is a Top 10 RB.  I was hoping to get Marshall or  E Moore, but pleased with adding 2 starting WRs in Toney and St Brown.  Stevenson will be the goaline RB in NE, translated 8 TDS.  Jarwin could be a steal and Gay is in a top 5 offense!