Bohemains trade their 4th overall in 2010 draft and Cinci OL to Crushers for Tenn OL

Cellmates trade their First pick in the 2010 draft and J. Cook and S. Smith to Bohemians for A. Johnson and B. Pettigrew

Crushers trade S. Jackson and their 6th overall in the 2010 Draft to Bohemains for R. Mendenhall and J. Addai

Goats trade J. Stewart to Bohemians for their 6th overall in the 2010 Draft

Bohemians trade J. Flacco and S. Smith (Car) to Co's Pros for J. Cutler

Bohemians trade S. Jackson to DDR for R. Wayne and L. Washington.

Bohemians trade Houston Def to Utter Dominance for their 18th overall pick in the 2010 draft.

Crushers trade R. Bush to Underdogs for the 13th overall pick in the 2010 Draft.

Crushers trade R. Williams, C. Chambers and Chicago Def. to Warriors for their entire 2010 Draft and a 3rd rounder in 2011 draft and Miami Def.

Bohemians trade V. Jackson, G. Olsen, and Atlanta OL to Gamblers for their 2010 Draft.

Warriors trade M. Wallace and B. Scafie to DDR for V. Shiancoe L. Thomlinson and their 4th-7th rounders in the 2010 Draft.

Horsemen trade C. Palmer and C. Williams to Goodfellas for D. Williams.

Co's Pros trade C. Henne to Utter Dominance for T. Edwards and their 16th and 21st picks overall in the 2010 Draft.

Crushers trade B. Volek to Utter Dominance for C. Stuckey and picks 49,63,77 and 91 in the 2010 Draft.

Warriors trade L. Johnson and A. Bryany to Underdogs for TJ Houshmandzadeh, M. Moore and picks 69,83,97 in the 2010 Draft.

Warriors trade J. Jones to Gamblers for T. Owens

Utter Dominance trades SF OL to Bohemians for B. Scott

Warriors trade R. Williams and J. Harrison to Gamblers for M. Bush, P. Harvin and his 3rd rounder in 2011 draft.

Co's Pros trade C. Cooley and their 3rd pick overall in the 2011 draft to Crushers for C. Wells.

Co's Pros Trade P. Hillis and Den OL to Bohemians for M. Floyd and Tenn OL.

Horsemen trade M. Vick to Underdogs for D. Garrard and their 1st and 3rd picks in the 2011 Draft.

Warriors trade M. Manningham and F. Jones to Bohemians for J. Forsett,  L. Washington and their 3rd rounder in 2011.

Crushers trade J. Freeman, T. Thigpen, B. Celek and Warriors 3rd rounder in 2011 draft to Goodfellas for D. Mcnabb, W. Welker and Goodfellas 5th rounder in 2011 draft.  Goodfellas drop D. Lee (no cost) Crushers pickup J. Johnson (cost 1 transaction)

Warriors trade J. Shockey and TJ Housmanzedeh to Crushers for M. Lewis and R. Edelman.

Underdogs trade R. Williams and M. Sims-Walker to Warriors for M. Bush and S. Johnson

Bohemians trade J. Stewart and KC Def. to Warriors for Chicago D and J. Edelman, and their 1st overall in the 2011 draft.

Warriors Trade J. Forsett to Gamblers for 3 Transactions,  5th rounder in the 2011 draft and B. Leftwhich
Cellmates trade 4 transactions and their second rounder in the 2011 Draft to Underdogs for their second rounder in the 2011 draft.

Bohemians trade J. Cutler, NYJ def. and their 1st rounder (formerly Warriors) to Gamblers for M.Stafford and Washington def

Incubus trades A. Bradshaw and B. Jacobs to Goats for H. Nicks, R. Matthews and their 2nd rounder in 2011 Draft.

Horsemen trade J. Jones to Gamblers for L.  Maroney

Horsemen trade M. Sanchez, S. Smith (NYG) to Warriors for T. Romo   J. Stewart.



Post Season 2008

Goats Trade L. Thomlinson to Warriors for thier 3rd overall and L. White

Bohemians trade T. Owens and T. Bell to Warriors for C. Chambers and their number 4 overall in the 2008 draft.

DDR trades J. Jerovicous and Seattle Def. to Warriors for B. Jackson and Miami Def.

Co's s trade R. Johnson and K. Boller to Gamblers for Number 7 overall in the 2008 draft

Bohemians trade the 4th overall in the 2008 draft and K. Watson to Gamblers for D. Garrard

Underdogs trade M. Bulger and S. Young to Warriors for J. Delhomme and A. Boldin

Horsemen trade S. Moss and 34th pick overall in the 2008 draft to Warriors for V. Young and the 46th overall in the 2008 draft

Horsemen trade their 3rd thru 7th rounders in the 2008 draft for M. Booker of Bohemians

Bohemians trade their 1st, 2nd and 4th rounders in 2009 draft to Horsemen for number 6 overall in the 2008 draft

Incubus trades D. Anderson to Gamblers for the 4th overall in 2008 draft.

Incubus trades B. Croyle, L. Maroney, and Washington Off to Warriors for A. Smith, S. Young and W. Parker.

Boheminas trade . Jarrett to Warriors for their 2nd rounder in 2009 draft.

Warriors trade C. Brennan, L. Coles and Buffalo OL to Gamblers for M. Harrison and their 3rd round pick in 2009 draft

Co's Pros trade B. farve and A. Johnson to Gamblers for D. Anderson and L. Coles

Gamblers trade B. farve to Underdogs for J. Cambell and their 2nd rounder in 2009 draft

Underdogs trade F. Gore, Donald Lee, and their 3rd round pick in 2009 to Bohemians for J. Witten and T. Hightower.

Underdogs trade their 1st round pick in 2009 for L. White of Goats.

Bohemians trade Philly Def. and their 2nd rounder in 2009 (formerly Warriors) to Goats for T. Scheffler  and D. Graham

Bohemians trade Houston OL to Cellmates for 2 transactions.

Cellmates trade A. Bradshaw, T. Gonzalez, and P. Thomas to Incubus for S. Young and their 2nd rounder in 2009 draft.

Warriors trade JJ. Arrington and their 3rd rounder in 2009 draft to Gamblers for B. Scafie

Warriors trade T. Owens M. Bulgar and K. Smith to Gamblers for D. Bowe, J. Cambell, and R. Johnson

DDR trades M.Pittman, T.Heap, Pitt OL, 5th rounder in 2009 to Warriors for D.Stallworth, D.Clark,KC OL, 3rd rounder in 2009.

Crushers trade E. Graham, C. Pennington to Bohemians for D. Garrad, C. Chambers and their 3rd rounder in the 2009 draft.

Goats trade H. Evans and trier 2nd rounder (formerly BoHo's, formerly Warriors' pick) to Bohemians for G. Ferrotte

Warriors trade R. Johnson rb det to gamblers for JJ Arrington and 3rd round pick in 2009 draft.

Warriors trade M. Harrison to Bohemians for D. Lee and their 5th rounder in 2009 draft.

Bohemains trade their 6th rounder in 2009 draft to Co's Pros for 2 transactions.

Horsemen trade B. Watson, J. Cotchery R. Williams, their 2 first rounders and 2 second rounders in 2009 Draft to Co's Pros for K. Smith, L. Fitzgerald, A. Fasano and their 3rd rounder in 2009 draft.

DDR trades F. Jones, J. Hardy, thier 1st round and 3rd round (previously Warriors pick) in the 2009 draft to Warriors for L. Tomlinson, D. Williams, and their 5th rounder (previously DDRs pick) and 1 transaction.

Warriors trade T. Heap and Pittsburgh OL to Utter Dominance for V. Jackson, Detroit Ol and their 3rd rounder in the 2009 draft.

Cos Pros trade W McGahee, Cincy OL and Pros 2009 1st round pick to Gamblers for J Addai, Indy OL and Gamblers 2009 4th and 5th round picks.

Boho's trade Tenn-Def to Incubus for G Camarillo, WR, Miami & their 3rd rounder.

Horsemen trade Tampa Bay defense to Utter Dominance for Cleveland Defense and their 2009 2nd round pick.

Horsemen trade RB Clinton Portis, WR Michael Jenkins & QB Sage Rosenfels to Warriors for his 2 1st rounders (#4 and #14) and WR Steve Smith (Giants)

Bohemians trade Carolina OL to Underdogs for TB OL and their picks in rounds 4-7 in the 2009 draft

Boho's trade Michael Bush and Brandon Marshall to Gamblers for Andre Johnson and their #16 overall.

Underdogs Trade T. Hightower, F. Taylor and their 2nd and 3rd rounders in the 2010 draft to Warriors for C. Portis

Boho's trade S. Breaston and their #18 pick overall in the 2009 draft for W. Parker.

Crushers trade D. Rhodes and D. Garrard to Warriors for S. Moss and their number 30 in 2009 draft.

Crushers trade M. Casell to Co's Pros for R. Williams and his number 12 pick in the 2009 draft.

Cellmates trade L. Johnson to Gamblers for W. Mcgahee and their number 20 overall in the 2009 draft.

Bohemians trade C. Pennington and A. Smith, (TE) to Warriors for J. Campbell.

Co's Pros trade Arizona Def, picks 11 and 26 in the 2009 draft to Cellmates for baltimore Def. and pick 38 in the 2009 draft.

Crushers trade D. Driver and J. Gage to Warriors for picks 31,32,46,58,72, and 86 in the 2009 darft.

Warriors trade D. Culpepper D. Rhodes and J.Gage to Gamblers for E. Royal

DDR trades their 3rd rounder in 2010 to Warriors for M. Jenkins.

Crushers trade number 1 in 2009 to Utter Dominance for 3,45,57, 71,85 in 2009

Bohemians trade E. Graham and number 16 in 2009 draft to Horsemen to for number 14 in the 2009.

Bohemians trade F. Gore and T. Scheffler to Gamblers for G. Olsen and B. Johnson.

Crushers trade J. Fargas and Cincy Def to Underdogs for Dallas Def.

Underdogs trade J. Fargas, Cincy Def, and 4th round pick in 2010 to Goats for Philly Def.

DDR trades A.Bryant, Maimi Def. and Stl OL to Warriros for L.Washington, Sea Def. and their 2nd rounder in 2010 draft.

Goodfellas trade J. Shockey, J. Jones, and their 2nd rounder in 2010 draft. To Warriors for D. Bowe, F. Taylor and D. Lee

DDR trades Seattle Def and their 2 2nd rounders in 2010 (DDR, Warriors) to Utter dominance for T. Jones, Denver Def and his 3rd rounder in 2010 draft.  

Warriors trade Washington Def, L. Maroney and A. Smith to Gamblers for Jacksonville Def and L. Johnson.

Warriors trade 2nd rounders in 2010 draft (Goodfellas, Underdogs) and a 3rd rounder in 2010 draft (Underdogs) to Horsemen for K. Collins V. Young and C. Coffman.

Bohemians trade S. Hill and their 2nd rounder in 2010 to Incubus for J. Kitna and Houston Def.

Bohemians Trade J. Campbell, J. Finley, and L. Robinson to Incubus for J. Flacco, J. Nelson, and M. Jones

Co's Pros trade D. Anderson to Goodfellas for A. Gonzalez

Utter Dominance trades their 1st round pick in 2010,  M. Turner, and E. manning to Stogies for P. Rivers and M. Austin

Incubus trades S. Hill to Warriors for D. Driver

Bohemians trade T. Romo and M. Wallace to Warriors for V. Jackson, C. Coffman and their 1st rounder in 2010.

Warriors Trade S. Hill and D. Garrard to Underdogs for L. White and L. Coles.

Bohemians trade their first rounder in 2010 and D. Hester to Co's Pros for J. Addia


Pre-draft 1998

Cellmates trade 8,148,161 for 20,37,48 of Goats

Cellmates trade 21,120,133 for 30,55,58 of Utter Dominance

DDR trades 39,123 for 50,63 of Horsemen

Cellmates trade 64,77,92,105 for 51,62,314,331 of Stogeys

Fightin Irish trade 16,125,128 for 32,53,60 of Juggernaut

Co's Pros trade 28,85 for 38,47 of Gamblers

Cellmates trade 189,204 to stogeys for 174,303

Fightin trade 13,44,53 to Utter for 2,114,139

Stogies trade 6,92,118,146 to Co's Pros for 29,38,56,47

Incubus trades 26,31,54 to Horsemen for 7,119,134

Fightin Irish trade 2, 114,139  to Cellmates for 20,30,48

Cellmates trade 2,174,176,301, 303,314,316,331, and 329 to Co's Pros for 57,84,92,112,113,118,140,  141, and 168  WoW!!!

Post Draft 1998

Stogeys Give J. Kitna and his eighth pick in 1999 to Horsemen for E. Mills and his third pick in 1999,  082898

Gamblers trade R. Cunningham and C. Mafala to Goats for E. Rhett and E. Kennison   091698

Cellmates trade E. Smith and J. Garrett to Gamblers for Detriot D and R. Holcombe 092598

Fightin Irish trade S.F. Def., J. Elway D. Bennett, Tennessee OL, and D. Moore to Utter Dominance for B. Johnson, N. Kaufman, Cinninati OL, K. Dilger, and G.B. Def. 100698

Cellmates trade D. Staley and 1999's 10th round draft pick to Juggernaut for M. Harrison and their 1st round pick in 1999

Incubus trade E. Mcaffrey to Co's Pros for C. Batch

Incubus Trades J. Mcwilliams and their first round pick in 1999 for D. Hollas and the 9th pick in 1999 of Cellmates

Fightin Irish trade T. Mathis to Juggernaut for G. Foley

Co's Pros trade B. Kinchen and their 1st round of 1999 to Cellmates for T. Drayton and their 8th pick in 1999

Cellmates trade S. Beurline and their 7th pick in 1999 to Horsemen for G. Ferotte and a conditional pick in 1999* 

*(2nd round, possible 1st if S. Beurline achieves 120 points by end of week 14 whether started or not)

Fightin Irish trade their 1999 first rounder, K. Abdul Jabbar, G.B Defense and Cinncinati OL for Denver OL, T. Allen, A. Green and the 10th pick in 1999 draft of Horsemen.

Fightin Irish trade the Atlanta OL to Stogies for the carolina Defense

Fightin Irish trade H. Moore and T. Allen to Goats for R. Cunningham and R. Waters

Horsemen trade S. Beurline and A. Reed to Riddlers for L. Smith and A. Glover

Horsemen trade K. Jabbar, P. Mitchell, B. Engram and G.B. Defense to Gamblers for A. Smith, R. Dudley, S. Dawkins and the Miami OL

Utter Dominance trades K. Brady and D. Bennett to Stogies for T. Gonzales and W. Dunn

Post draft 1999

trades only (begins two weeks after the season ends and finishes at draft night)

Horsemen trade A. Freemen to the Fightin Irish for B. Johnson

Fightin Irish trade R. Waters and M. Irvin to Juggernaut for R. Moss and D. Staley

Horsemen trade R. Leaf,  J. Friez and their 4th rounder (1999) to Utter Dominance for J. Elway R. Moore and a 10th rounder (1999)

Co's Pros trade both 8th rounders of 1999 and B. Sanders and T. Green to Riddlers for D. Marino, G. Hearst, J. Hanson and the second overall pick in the 99 draft

Fightin trade D. Alexander and Indianapolis ol to Incubus for J. George and N.O. ol

Horsemen trade 4 and 9 overall in the draft for T. Owens of Stogies

Co's Pros trade their #2 overall and D. Scott to Fightin Irish for #23 overall and A. Freeman


Post Draft 1999

Goats trade their 2nd round pick in 2000 for D. Kanell of Utter Dominance

 Utter Dominance trades their first rounder and both second rounders in the 2000 draft for C. Enis and M. Muhamad of Fightin Irish

Utter Dominance trades A. Murrell to Cellmates for J. Harbaugh and L. Phillips

Goats trade T. Banks to Cellmates for C. Fann

Cellmates trade A. Connell to Gamblers for P. Mitchell

Cellmates trade S. Young, P. Holmes,  P. Mitchell and their 10th pick to Yeah Buddy for T.B. Def. , C. Fauria, W. Wilson,  and their 1st round pick.

Cellmates trade S. Hicks, M. Harrison, J. Mcwlliams the 2000 8th and 9th pick for T. Davis, C. Collins, E. Rhett,  2000 1st and 2nd of Gamblers

Cellmates trade D. Mayes and E. Rhett to Goodfellas for I. Bruce, E. Bennett and their 1st pick in 2000

Goats trade O.J. Mcduffie H. Moore for K. Mckardell and JJ Stokes of Gamblers

Slackers trade their 1st pick in 2000,  N. Brown and Minn. Def.  for S. Young and Detriot Def. of Yeah Buddy

Horsemen trade D. Lefleur to Juggernaut for J. Linton

Gamblers trade their 3rd pick in 2000 and Washington Def. and K. Jabbar to juggernaut for Jacksonville Def. and R. Watters

Cellmates trade T. Davis to Goats for Cincinnati OL

Co's Pros trade K. Oxendine to DDR for C. Warren

Co's Pros trade C. Warren and their !st and 2nd picks in 2000 to Gamblers for R. Waters and their 10th and 9th picks in 2000

Cellmates trade C. Conway R. Gannon A. Murrell and their  1st rounder in 2000 to Utter Dominance for C. Enis T. Edwards J. Lewis and their 4th and 5th

Fightin Irish trade their second rounder in 2000 and B. Coates to Goodfellas for F. Wychek

Stogies trade T. Holt to Horsemen for D. Brown and their 3rd rounder in 2000

Utter Dominance trades T. Wheatley,  L. Phillips,  C. Conway and K. Brown to Horsemen for thier 1st and 2nd picks in 2000 as well as A. Smith,  J. Linton and S. Dawkins *Utter then picks up C. Blanchard and Horsemen drops Baltimore OL

Stogies trade F. Taylor,  J. Plummer, and his second rounder in 2000 for J. Kitna, D. Levens,  and J. Galloway of Horsemen  *Stogies then drop E. Metcalf and Horsemen pick up M. Chumura

Horsemen trades L. Johnson and R. Moore to DDR for J. Stewart and I. Hilliard

Pre draft 2000

Utter Dominance trades D. Mcnabb, Arizona D, J. Riemersma and his #s 9,11,25,41 in the 2000 draft for P. Manning, and Denver D of Cellmates

Gamblers trade E. Smith to Co's Pros for J. Montgomery, A. Freeman, G. Hearst and his first pick in  the 2001 draft

Utter Dominance trades R. Gannon to Fightin Irish for D. Scott and  Picks# 13,42 in the 2000 draft 

Fightin Irish trades J. George, R. Cunningham and #s 14 and 17 to Horsemen for T. Holt and T. Wheatley

DDR trades the #2 and 16 overall to Horsemen for #14 R. Cunningham, J. George and C. Garner

Goats trade T. Couch, J. Bettis, T. Mcgee and the #3 overall to Gamblers for S. Davis,  S. Hicks, K. Dilger, A. Connell, Y. Thigpen and C. Warren

Horsemen trade F. Taylor and pick 137 for R. Moss and D. Staley of Fightin Irish

Fightin Irish trade T. Wheatley, N. Kaufman, B. Schroeder and #27 for E. George and #33 of Yeah Buddy

Yeah Buddy trades D. Alexander and picks #61 and 89 for M. Tomzak, J. Green and picks # 44 and 58 of DDR

Horsemen trades picks 15,16,17 to Juggernaut for pick 4 overall

Utter Dominance trades R. Smith, R. Anthony for #33, 56 and no ol of Fightin Irish

Fightin Irish trade #1 in 2001 E. George, G. Crowell,  T. Holt to Gamblers for M. Harrison and #3 in 2000


CO'S PROS trade T. Davis and L. Broughton to GAMBLERS for D. Bledsoe, H. Moore and picks # 6 and # 20

CO'S PROS trade D. Bledsoe and Seattle OFF to YEAH BUDDY for C. Batch, Indy OFF and picks # 8 and # 19

Cellmates trade 12,24,25 and W. Dunn to Co's pros for number 6 and 3 transactions

Co's pros trade 19,20,24,25 to Juggernaut for M. Robinson

Fightin Irish trade R. Smith for number 24 of Juggernaut

Fightin Irish trade R. anthony and 24 to Juggernaut for #20

Cellmates trade number 23 to Goats for A. Greco and 2 transactions

Goats trade A. Connell, R. Huntley, Tennesse D,  and number 23 to Fightin Irish for #3 overall

Utter Dominance trades 13 to Juggernaut for 24,25,32,60

Cellmates trade #51 to Stogies for #s 57,71,85,99,113, and 127

Co's Pros trade E. Mcaffrey to Utter Dominance for picks #24,25 of the 2000 draft

Cellmates trade Pittsburg ol and Arizona Def. to Stogies for picks #29,39,43,51 in the 2000 draft

Post Draft 2000

Co's pros trade W. Dunn to Goats for M. Cloud, C. Warren,  and his first round pick in 2001 draft.

Cellmates trade M. Moreno, B. Chamberlain,  and O. Gary to Gamblers for J. Bettis, Fightin Irish 1st (2001) and Gamblers 1st (2001)

Cellmates trade J. Bettis, J. Reimersma and C. Pickens to Utter Dominance for T. Gonzales their 1st rounder (2001) and three transactions

Stogies trade T. Biakabutuka and NO Def. to Goodfellas for St. Louis Def. and E. Rhett

Cellmates trade I. Bruce to Goats for R. Dayne W. Chrebet and three transactions

Utter Dominance trades C. Pickens to Fightin Irish for A. Connell, R. Williams and his 3rd rounder in 2001

Co's Pros trade S. Alexander to Goodfellas for J. Garcia

Cellmates trade JJ. Johnson,  J. Lewis,  and their Second rounder in 2001 to Utter Dominance for E. Mcaffrey

Fightin Irish Trades M. Williams to DDR for C. Morton

Goats trade K. Mcardell to DDR for R. Cunningham E. Kennison P. Dawson and their #3 next year.

Juggernaut Trades D. Lafleur to Horsemen for I. Hilliard

Goats Trade their 7th and 6th round trades of 2001 draft for S.F. Defense of Utter Dominance

Co's Pros trade J. Lewis to Riddlers for two transactions

Fightin Irish trade R. Huntley to Utter Dominance for K. Faulk

Fightin Irish trade J. Mcdaniel to Utter Dominance for D. Flutie

Stogies trade E. Grbac, G.B. OL,  E. Rhett,  and K. Brady to Utter Dominance for K. Dyson, Tennessee OL, J. Reimersma,  and A. Murrell

Cellmates trade M. Anderson to Gamblers for Co's Pros 1st (2001) and K.C. OL

Slackers trade A. Smith and S. Christie to DDR for W. Ritchie and K. Mckardell

CO'S PROS trade J. Garcia,  C. Batch, M. Cloud and R. Rivers  to GAMBLERS for T. Davis, A. Freeman, B. Huard and M. Moreno

Goats trade S. Davis, S. Hicks,Jets OL, Y. Thigpen, and E. Kennison to Gamblers for D. Ward, T. Couch, M. Cloud, M. Anderson,  and St. Loius OL

Horsemen trade B. Mitchell and their 3rd and 5th round picks in 2001 to Utter Dominance for K. Brady

Fightin Irish trade R. Gannon,F. Taylor,  K. Faulk, J. Horn, F. Wychek,  G. Anderson, and Denver OL to Riddlers for T. Green, C. Martin, R. Holcombe, J. Mckight, W. Walls, C. Blanchard, and Jacksonville OL

Post season 2000

Horsemen trade T. Jones,  J. Plummer, T. Owens, 2001 first rounder and thier 2002 first rounder (actual third round)  for M. Muhhamad and P. manning of Utter Dominance

Cellmates trade picks 11,13,14,  C. Mcnown,  W. Chrebet,  and Cleveland OL to Goats for I. Bruce and Saint Loius ol.

Goats trade C. Mcnown,  T. Aikman,  C. Chandler,  and M. Anderson to Yeah Buddy for D. Bledsoe and their first, third, and fifth picks in the 2001 draft.

Goats trade pick number 40 in the draft to DDR for  Huard.

Goats trade picks 13, 14 W. Dunn, Ariz. OL and K. Dilger to Utter Dominance for #5,  A. Smith, D.Scott and G. B. OL.

Goats trade A. Smith and W. Chrebet to Slackers for thier first and fifth rounder

Horsemen Trade P. Warrick, K. Brady, Dallas OL, J. Stewart and thier 4th, 6th and 7th round picks to DDR for Key. Johnson, F. Jones, Philly OL and a 2nd rounder

Goats trade seven transactions to Stogies for picks 31,45,59,73 and 87

Goats trade R. Cunningham to Utter Dominance for picks 61 and 66

Riddlers trade the 10th and 52nd pick to Crushers for P. Holmes

Horsemen trade B. Johnson, M. Muhhamad,  and J. Wilkins for K. Collins and the entire 2001 draft of Goodfellas

Fightin Irish trades T. Green to Juggernaut for pick #6

Juggernaut trades T. Green to Slackers for A. Smith and picks 21 and 35

Juggernaut trades Pick #21 to Goats for D. Scott, D. Ward,  and J.J. Stokes

Co's Pros trade E. Conwell and R. Waters to Juggernaut for S. Sharpe

Cellmates trade 4 transactions to Utter Dominance for R. Williams

Cellmates trade R. Williams, T. Prentice, and 5 Transactions to Goats for K. Barlow

Fightin Irish trade C. Martin, M. Harrison, J. McKnight, O. Gadsden, A. Becht to Co's Pros for T. Davis, O. Gary, M. Bennett, A. Toomer, M. Robinson and E. Kinney

Horsemen trade Miami OL to Goats for 2 transactions

Goodfellas trade T. Biakabutuka P. Price and NY Giants Def. to Stogies for E. Moulds and NE Def.

Horsemen trade R. Moss, D. Mcallister, and T. Allen to Goodfellas for C. Dillon and E. Moulds

Goats trade D. Carswell to DDR for T. Seder and 3 transactions

Utter Dominance trades R. Huntley and three transactions to Stogies for J. Morton

Cellmates trae D. Mcnabb, R. Dayne and Philly Defense for T. Owens,  E. Grbac, M. Stover and 4 transactions of Utter Dominance

Cellmates trade T. Brady to Crushers for 4 Transactions (Crushers drop D. Huard Cellmates pickup Dallas OL)

Horsemen trade T. Richardson and C. Wienke to Crushers for T. Wheatley and D. Terrell

Goats trade D. Washington to Slackers for 5 tranactions (goats pick T. Seder and Slackers drop D. Driver,  Goats are charged a transaction)

Horsemen trade RB T. Wheatley to DDR for RB C. Buckhalter

Horsemen trade R. Droughns to the Co's Pro's for B. Bennett

Post draft 2002

PreDraft 2003

Goats Trade 7 Transactions to Stogeys for picks 38,52,66,80,94 in the 2002 Draft

Goats Trade J. Thrash and the #2 overall in the 2002 draft to Fightin Irish for 19,33,47,61,75,89 in the 2002 draft, H. Ward and M . Bennett

Horsemen trade A. Van Pelt to Goats for picks 38 and 44 in the 2002 draft

Goats trade T. Heap, M.  Minnis & T. Couch to DDR for his entire draft in 2002

Cellmates trade I. Bruce and T. Henry to Trojans for M. Faulk and 5 Transactions

Utter Dominance trades #9 overall in 2002 draft as well as T. Jones to Fightin Irish for #5 overall in 2002 draft

Horsemen trade picks #38 and 44 in the 2002 draft to Juggernaut for pick number 34

Crushers trade A. Hakim to Co's Pros for O. Gadsden

Cellmates trade T.B. Def. and Dallas OL to Trojans for S.F. OL and Det. Def.

Goats trade J. White and J. Jackson to Trojans for O. Poochman and 4 transactions (Trojans drop R. Kelly)

Goats Trade S.F. Defense to Co's Pros for Balt. Def. and 5 transactions

Horsemen Trade S. Moss to Utter Dominance for R. Dayne

Horsemen Trade M. Booker and D. Staley to Fightin Irish for O. Gary and C. Portis

Stogeys Trade A. Brooks, S.L. Def. Atlanta OL, B. Shaw and their #1 pick of 2003 to Cellmates for B. Griese,  L. Smith, E. Johnson and S.L. OL

Gamblers trade their First Pick in 2003 and S. Hicks to Cellmates for R. Peete

Fightin Irish trade T. Jones and their 1st rounder of 2003 to Horsemen for K. Collins and their 2nd rounder of 2003.

Goats trade D. Carr and GB Defense to Utter Dominance for J. Plummer and the Phili Defense.

Goats Trade M. Shipp and his First rounder in 2003 to Juggernaut for R. Smith and his second Rounder in 2003

Horsemen trade Carolina Def. and their 2003 first rounder to Juggernaut for Miami Def. and 3 transactions

Fightin Irish trade E. James and A. Toomer to Stogeys for L. Smith and P. Price

Horsemen trade D. Sloan, T. Jones and Fightin Irish's 1st rounder in 2003 draft for M. Pollard, N. Davenport and the second rounder in the 2003 draft of Crushers

Juggernaut trades J. Feidler and J. Rice to Horsemen for D. Terell, F. Jones, and Crushers 2nd Rounder in 2003 draft

Horsemen trades all their picks in the 2003 draft to DDR for 5 transactions

Goats trade D. Bledsoe,  A. Van Pelt, M. Bennett, D. Graham to Utter Dominance for Entire Draft of 2003, D. Mcanbb, J. Bettis, and A. Bryant

Fightin Irish Trades K. Warner and the 28th pick in 2003 to Juggernaut for M. Pittman and the 12th and 14th pick in 2003

Juggernaut Trades the number 1 pick in the 2003 draft to Cellmates for M. Bulger and Number 11 pick in the 2003 draft

DDR trades T. Maddox and their 1st rounder this year for T. Barber and R. Caldwell of Trojans.

Cellmates Trade E. Mcaffrey, T. Glenn and Cleveland Def. to Juggernaut for Carolina Def.

Utter Dominance trades L. Coles to Goodfellas for T. Canidate

Goats trade H. Ward and A. Bryant to Goodfellas for A. Peterson and R. Grossman

Co's Pros Trade M. Harrison and E. Smith to Cellmates for K. Barlow and D. Jackson.

Goats trade M. Williams, D. Chapman J. Bettis, A. Crumpler, Philly Def. and Miami OL to Gamblers for S. Davis, T. Holt, B. Chamberlain, Indianapolis OL, Jets Def.  and M. Green along with their first rounder of 2004.

Horsemen trade J. Walker to Juggernaut for E. Conwell

Goats trade D. Bennett, S. Davis, their 2nd round pick in 2004 and C. Chambers to Utter Dominance for S. Moss, D. Stalworth, A. Thomas and their First rounder in 2004.

Predraft 2004

Horsemen trade C. Dillon to Goats for T. Holt

Goats trade D. Mcnabb and #14 overall in the 2004 draft to Goodfelles for B. Johnson, M. Muhammed and D. McAllister

Goats trade R. Grossman and C. Dillon to DDR for their entire draft in 2004

Goats Trade K. Boller and R. McMicheal to Co's Pros for P. Burress and the #10 overall pick in the 2004 draft

Cellmates trade B. Franks and A. Brooks to Incubus for their #5 and #19 in the 2004 draft

Cellmates trade their 13th overall pick in the 2004 draft and C. Rodgers to Crushers for T. Jones and the First overall pick in the 2004 draft

Cellmates trade the number 1 overall in the 2004 draft to Goats for numbers 3,10,11 in the 2004 draft and B. Chamberlain

Warriors trade P. Price and J. Whitten to DDR for R. Gardner and C. Garner

DDR trades Seattle OL to Horsemen for Pittsburgh OL

DDR trades K. Brady to Juggernaut for S. Janikowski

Goats Trade P. Burress to Cellmates for T. Jones

Cellmates trade P. Burress to Trojans for the #7 overall in the 2004 draft

Goats trade M. Muhammed and the Jets Def. to Incubus for rounds 3 thru 7 of their 2004 draft

Co's Pros trade the 24th pick (JP Losman) to Utter for pick number 25 in the 2004 Draft and his First rounder in 2005

Cellmates trade L. Betts and D. Brees to Horsemen for Minnesota Def. and 2005 second round pick.

Cellmates trade T. Taylor E. Smith R. Dayne and J. Jackson to Juggernaut for J. Walker

Goodfellas Trade Dallas Def. and L. Coles to Warriors for K. Jones

DDR trades P. Warrick and T. Barber to Utter Dominace for F. Mitchell and C. Chambers

Cellmates trade Carolina Def. and C. Simms to Goats for Baltimore Def. and M. Clayton


Goats trade C. Simms, B. Johnson, W. Green and a 3rd round pick in the 2005 draft (3rd round pick becomes a 2nd if R. Gannon gets 3000 yards in 2004). to Incubus for R. Gannon and J. Horn.

Goats trade A. Pinner to Goodfellas for 8 transactions Goats.  Goats pickup D. Kanell (costs trans) Goodfellas drop T. Minor (does not cost trans)


Goats trade D. McCallister, A. Stecker, A. Davis and their 2nd rounder in 2005 to Juggernaut for K. Warner, L. Fitzgerald and E. Smith.

Stogeys trade St Louis OL, J. Gage, K.J.Carter, and E. Johnson to the Horsemen for Philly OL, Q. Griffin, D. Brees, and T. Holt

Stogies trade R. Droughns (ir Q. Griffin) to Cellmates for J. Walker and M. Faulk. Cellmates pickup 

Horsemen trade M. Pollard to Warriors for D. Rhodes

Goats trade J. Horn to Co's Pros for C. Martin

Goodfellas trade H. Ward to Horsemen for their entire 2005 draft

Warriors trade their entire draft for 2005 as well as J. Riemersma and R. Gardner to Goats for R. Smith, J. Kliensasser, J. Wiggins, and J. Plummer.

DDR trades their entire 2005 draft and their second rounder in 2006 to Juggernaut for R. Wayne

Goats trade #9 overall and #16 overall in the 2005 draft to Utter Dominance for #17 overall on the 2005 draft, D. Bledsoe and P. Warrick

Co's Pros trade 6th overall in 2005 draft and San Fran Def to Gamblers for picks 2nd round thru seventh in 2005 draft and Philly def.

Gamblers trade A. Boldin and second and third round pick in 2005 to The Warriors for J. Plummer

Goats trade C. Benson to Co's Pros for R. Mcmicheal and D. Blaylock

post draft 2004


Cellmates trade B. Williams, K. Curtis, and R. Droehns to Incubus for their first and second round picks and 2006 and second and third round picks of 2007

Warriors trade Gamblers' 3rd round pick in 2006 draft for M.Schaub of Incubus

Horsemen trade G. Lewis for R. Dayne of Juggernaut

Cellmates trade M. Anderson and T. Bell to Bohemians for T. Jones, B. Miller and their first and second round picks in 2006 draft

Cellmates trade T. Jones to Goats for J. Nedney and their first and second picks in 2006

Goats trade L. Fitzgerald and R. Moats to Co's Pros for J. Porter and C. Benson

Incubus trades N. Burelson, R. Droeghns, B. Franks and 4 transactions toGoats for C. martin, D. Blaylockand S. Heiden

Goodfellas trade C. Cooley to Bohemians for M. Anderson

DDR trades G. Ferrotte and 2 transactions to Horsemen for K. Colbert

Horsemen trade J. Martin to Juggernaut for P. Warrick and 3 transactions

Incubus trades D. Garard, B. Finneran, C. Baker, NE OL and Den OL to Bohemians for B. Jacobs, K. Mcardell, M. Jones, Was OL and Dallas OL

Horsemen trade G. Ferrotte to DDR for P. Edinger and his 3-7 rounders in 2006

Bohemians trade D. Stallworth and I. Bruce to Warriors for L. Coles and their number 17 and number 34 overall in the 2006 draft

Bohemians trade C. Williams and their 17th overall pick in the 2006 draft to Cellmates for TJ Housmenzane and J. Jones

Goats trade E. Manning T. Jones C. Benson K. Winslow and A. Petterson to Utter Dominance for #1, #43, and #71 in the 2006 draft as well as M. Bennett and D. Carr

 Cellmates trade #2 overall and #16 overall in the 2006 draft S. Jackson, P. Ramsey, and C. Pennington for L. Johnson and the first rounder of Crushers in 2007

Goats trade S. Moss to Cellmates for their number 9,10 and 24th overall in the 2006 draft

Goats trade D. Carr to Horsemen for #13 overall in the 2006 draft

Underdogs trade their first overall pick (#4) in 2006 draft,  A. Smith, S. Gado, and D. Clark to Gamblers for R. Brown, A. Crumpler, A. Lelie, and the rest of Gamblers draft in 2006

Bohemains trade their entire draft of 2006 and NE OL for the KC OL of Warriors

Bohemians trade Denver ol and T. Bell to Co's Pros for D. Jackson and D. Davis

Horsemen trade E. Moulds, J. Putzier and pick number 35 in 2006 to Underdogs for pick 18 in 2006

Gamblers trade W. Dunn and the 4th pick in 2006 for D. Staley, W. Parker and D. Givens of Warriors

Warriors Trade #4 in 2006 C. Houston, Jacksonville OL, and B. Loyd to Incubus for A. Brooks, F. Taylor M. Mohamad, and Dallas OL

Goats trade J. Cutler to Co's Pros for R. Moats and L. Pope

Goats trade L. Pope, NY Giants Def. and their 2nd and 3rd rounders of 2007 to Bohemians for P. Burress and Det. Def.

Bohemians trade TB Def. to Warriors for Ten. Def.

Horsemen Trade T. Fisher to Crushers for their 4th rounder in 2007 draft

Goodfellas trade R. Moss to Underdogs for E. Moulds and D. Mcallister

Horsemen trade St. Loius OL to Utter for their 3rd rounder in 2007

Underdogs trade Baltimore OL and their second rounder in 2007 for Miami OL of Warriors

Warriors trade I. Bruce and R. Smith to Gamblers for their 2nd and 3rd rounders of 2007

Warriors trade TJ Duckett to Bohemians for A. Pinner and their first 2nd rounder in 2007

Stogies trade J. Delhomme and Carolina OL to Warriors for M. Drew, Dallas OL and their 2nd and 3rd round picks in 2007

DDR trades V. Young and their 2nd rounder in 2007 to Warriors for M. Vick and their 5th rounder in 2007

Gamblers trade T. Williamson to Warriors for E. Parker

Horsemen trade H. Ward to Goats for C. Jackson and their first rounder in 2007

Bohemians trade J. Cotchery to Horsemen for D. Rhodes

Cellmates trade Incubus' third rounder in 2007 J. Kitna and S. Wallace to Incubus for their 1st rounder in 2007, M. Brunell and A. Pearimen

Bohemians trade L. Coles and D. Rhodes to Underdogs for T. Taylor and D. Foster

Gamblers trade jacksonville def and rod smith  to underdogs for t. glenn, washington def  and their first round pick in 2007.

Goodfellas trade A. Green to Goats for P. Burress

Goats trade M. Campbell and rounds 4-7 of the 2007 draft to Incubus for S. Wallace.

Horsemen Trade P. Manning and R. Johnson to Cellmates for C. Palmer, C. Williams and Incubus' 1st and 2nd rounders in 2007 and Crushers 1st in 2007

Horsemen trade Des. Clark to Warriors for Bohemians 2nd rounder in 2007 draft and B. Franks

Bohemians trade B. Leftwich, D. Garrad and  D. Jackson to Warriotrs for T. Williamson, 16th,20th and 25th overall picks in the 2007 draft

Horsemen trade #12 overall in the 2007 draft for M .Schaub of Warriors

Bohemians trade D. Foster , J. Nedney to Warriors W. Dunn and His 30th overall in 2007

Warriors trade Carolina OL to Utter Dominance for A. Randle EL

Cellmates trade A. Johnson and R. Johnson  to Co's Pros for their 10th overall in the 2007 draft and S. Smith and T. Bell

Warriors trade their 12th overall in 2007 to Utter Dominance for C. Taylor

Warriors trade F. Taylor, D. Garrard, B. Leftwich and 4th overall in 2007 to Gamblers for W. Parker and Baltimore OL

Horsemen trade 15th, 21st, 22nd overall in 2007 to Cellmates for S. Moss

Bohemians trade C. Cooley and Giants Def. to Co's Pros for O. Daniels, Philly Def. and #24 overall in the 2007 draft.

Bohemians trade M. Colston, B. Utecht, and 20th overall in the 2007 Draft for DDR's 11th overall in the 2007 Draft and  J. Witten.

Bohemians trade their 24th and 36th overall in the 2007 Drfat for Wes Welker from the Crushers,

Horsemen trade B. Greise, B. Franks and C. Jackson to DDR for their 3rd thru 7th round picks in 2007 draft

Bohemians trade L. Pope & TJ Houshmanzadeh  to Gamblers for M. Booker & #6 overall in the 2007 draft.

Gamblers trade I. Bruce and M. Bryant to Underdogs for M. Rainer and their 3rd and 4th rounders in 2007 draft.

Gamblers trade their 2nd and 4th overall in the 2007 draft for picks 3, 12, and 17 in the 2007 Draft of Utter Dominance.

Gamblers trade D. Clark and T. Glenn and Washington Def. to Warriors for Dallas Def.

Post Draft Trades 2007

Warriors trade their 2nd rounder in 2008 draft to Horsemen for D. Carr

Warriors trade  D. Foster and D. Carter to Cos Pros for L. Jordan

Bohemians trade KC OL to Cellmates for T. Bell

Goats trade A. Green to Utter Dominance for D. Bennett, D. Graham, and their 3rd rounder in 2008

Bohemians trade C. Davis, D. Stanton and their first rounder in 2008 to Cellmates for T. Owens and Atlanta OL

Co's Pros trade their 2008 3rd rounder to Crushers for P. Ramsey

DDR trades B.Westbrook, C.Buckhalter and K.Boller to Co's Pros for M.Hasselbeck, C.Frye and D.Foster

Goodfellas trade D. Mcallister, E. Moulds and E. Wilford to Bohemians for O. Daniels,  J. Jones and W. Welker

Warriors trade D. Ward to Bohemians for D. Huard

Warriors trade Baltimore OL and D. Carr to Gamblers for Buffalo OL and A. Smith

Horsemen trade Arizona Def. and their second rounder in 2008 to Co's Pros for the Giants Def.

Underdogs trade their 3rd round pick in 2008 to DDR for 2 transactions.

Horsemen trade AZ Ol and Warriors 2nd rounder in 2008 draft to Cellmates for New Orleans OL and his 3rd rounder in 2008 Draft.

Gamblers trade TJ Housmanzande, F. Taylor, and Dallas Def. to Underdogs for R. Moss, B. Johnson, Jacksonville Def. and their 2nd rounder in 2008 draft


Horsemen trade RB's Brandon Jackson & Deshawn Wynn & Miami Defense to the Warriors for RB Chester Taylor, WR Michael Jenkins and Tampa Bay Defense.

Gamblers trade R. Moss, D. Darcy and their 2 2nd rounders in the 2008 draft to Cellmates for B. Rothlisberger and M. Harrison

Warriors trade L. Jordan, D. Jackson and their 3rd round pick in 2008 Draft to DDR for C. Chambers, C. Brown and their 5th rounder in 2008.

Goats trade H. Ward, M. Turner and their 3rd rounder in the 2008 draft to Utter Dominance for M. Clayton and Utter Dominance 1st rounder in 2008 Draft. Goats pick up QB T. Green, Utter Dominance drop Carolina OL

Warriors trade NE OL,  A. Randle El and 2 transactions to Underdogs for L. Coles, SF OL and their 1st and 4th round picks in the 2008 draft

Bohemians trade J. King and 2nd rounder in 2008 draft to Incubus for B. Marshall and 1 Transaction