What: Hockey Draft 2015-16

Where:  1791 Filmore Ave. Buffalo NY 14214

When:  Friday Night 6:00 pm est. 10-30-2015,  first night of Week 4 of the 2015-16 season

Team Its Bass PNS
Dropped N. F Petan K. Versteeg F Hurricanes
Dropped A. Khudobin G Ducks
Round ITS Bass Incubus Goalhangers TBD B and H P N. Stars Jomammas Red Ice All Stars OKH Cellmates Hells FO
1 C. McDavid C Oilers J Eichel C Sabres A. Panarin C Blackhawks C. Parayko D Blues D. Larkin C Wings M. Domi C Coyotes TJ Oshi F Capitals F Beauchemin D Avalanche N. Hanafin D Hurricanes I Provorov D Flyers R Pulock D Islanders B Hutton D Canucks
Drops>> J.Skinner C Hurricanes A. Emelin D Canadiens T. Jackman F Ducks C Hutton G Predators N. Svedberg G Bruins St.Louis F Rangers G. Reinhardt D Oilers T. Sesito F Canucks O. Dansk G  Blue Jackets J Gardner D Leafs J. Enroth G Kings C Tanev D Canucks
  N.Niederreiter F Wild   T. Enstron D Jets M. Hendricks F. Oilers   C. Stewart F Ducks R. Reaves F  Blues S. Weiss C Red Wings A. Peluso F Jets C. Ceci D Senators K. Ramo G T Dailey F Blackhawks
R. Sproul D Wings D. Boyle D Rangers K. Connauton D Blue Jackets J. Vrana F Capitals C. Kunitz F Penguins R. Rakell F Ducks A Tenguay F Avalanche
                      M. Smith G Coyotes  
2 S. Theodore D Ducks K Miller D Bruins R O'Reilly C Sabres M. Stone D Coyotes T. Plekanec C Canadiens Z Werenski D Blue Jackets Pass M. Reily D Wild S Gotisbehere D Flyers Pass C. Miller D Bruins D Savard D Blue Jackets
Drops>> J Oleksiak D Stars C Russell D Flames D Kuempr G Wild M. Molson F Sabres J Harrison D Jets A Golagowski D Stars   A Clendening D Penguins T Pearson F Kings   J Pominville F Wild R Gudas D Flyers
3 B Dubinski C Blue Jackets V Trochek C Panthers R Ristolainen D Sabres J Markstrom G Canucks M. Hoffman C Senators A. Nilsson G Oilers Pass N Holden D Avalanche M Marner C Leafs M Boedker F Coyotes K Dahlbeck D Coyotes O. Klefbom D Oilers
Drops>> T Wingels C Sharks J Zucker F Wild D Sevrson D Devils J Ignila F Avalanche M Fisher C Predators J. Merrill D Devils   J Franzen F Red Wings H Fleury D Hurricanes C Paquette C Lightning R Smith F Panthers M Scandella D Wild
4 K Turris C Senators Pass Pass Pass C Gunnerson D Blues Pass Pass J Hayes F Bruins Pass Pass Pass M Neuvirth G Flyers
Drops>> K Palmieri C Devils       A Chiasson F Senators     C Ehrhoff D Kings       D Kulikov D Panthers
5 H Fleury D Hurricanes Pass Pass Pass T. Brower F Blues Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass
Drops>> J Wisnewski D Hurricanes       R Clune F Predators              
6 Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass T Vanriemsdyke D Chicago Pass
Drops>>                     J Schultz D Oilers  
7 Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass
SUPP DONE DONE DONE M Rantanen F Avalanche (IR) DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE O Kylington D Flames (IR) N Nesterov D Lightning (IR) DONE
SUPP 2 DONE DONE DONE T Sanheim D Flyers (IR) DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE J Roy D Sharks (IR) J McCabe D Sabres (IR) DONE

The draft will take place on Friday night during week 4 of our regular season.  Same day deadline for your week 4 lineup.

The order determination will stay the same,  by order of finish the season before with the Stanley winners and losers always being the last two no matter their record.

No team will ever have more than 24 man roster as they exit the draft night.  The waiver wire cannot be used during the regular and off season until after the draft is over.  Likewise the roster freeze date (no WW or Trades) will be the end of week 17 of the regular season.

Each team will draft an un-owned players in the normal fashion but must at the same time immediately drop a current player off of their existing roster.  This keeps everyone's rosters at 24 at all times and makes the dropped players now available to be drafted by the teams behind the current drafter with one exception,  no team can pick a player that is dropped by another owner in the same round ex:  The first pick in round 2 has the ability to pick any un-owned player and all players dropped in round 1 also etc etc etc.

The IR will be two slots added to each roster that are reserved for players that you will be able to move into that position during the regular season instead of dropping them during a transaction.  They are still owned by the team but they can no longer be used or traded or waived etc by the team.

The last day of the season all IR players get moved to full roster status and each team will at that point have between 24-26 players during the off-season.  If a team has more than 24 players at the start of the next years draft they must drop all extra players in the first round as they make their pick.  ex: team 1 has 26 players and picks player x,  they must drop 3 players right then and there in the first round to get back to 24 immediately.

In the off-season and during the draft,  all teams can trade picks and players but no one can ever be under 24.  Any overage of players must immediately be dropped during the teams next pick.  All teams must be at no more than 24 players as of the picking of the 84 position (round 7 last pick).   

Issue 1) As we all know,  when you draft a player in round one you must drop whatever players immediately that keep your roster at 24.  This could be one name it could be 10 names whatever.  No one in the same round can draft your dropped player until the next round.  The exception will be round 7.  Because there is no round 8,  round 7 is an open round,  meaning that the first pick in round 7 can draft all players dropped and all unowned players and the second pick in round 7 can draft the same also but will now include the player dropped by the first pick in round 7 also.
Issue 2) In the 2012-13 Draft we are adding the IR column to each team.  Each team will have 2 spaces on their rosters that they can move players to that will be frozen there for the rest of the season.  These names cannot be played, traded, waived or anything else but they also cannot owned by anyone else either.  Here is the problem.  Since the waiver wire is open immediately as the last pick is made in round 7 of the 2012-13 draft,  there is nothing to stop everyone at the draft from immediately rushing the draft board and placing additional picks on their teams IR spaces right there.